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Things to Smile About

  1. old oaken desks with scratches and stains
  2. fun magazines coming in the mail
  3. the flickering of candlelight
  4. splashing through puddles barefoot
  5. a tree with leaves bedewed
  6. new experiences
  7. memories that flood at random
  8. dried flowers with scent that lingers, long after color has left
  9. airplane tickets, folded and creased
  10. being surrounded with things that have history
  11. ballet flats
  12. books that have been well loved
  13. a doorful of scarves, all with a story
  14. frighteningly enormous handmade slippers
  15. picking up forgotten hobbies again
  16. people that make me laugh deep
  17. a basket of yarn and needles
  18. mini jam jars brought from Ireland
  19. manchego cheese with butter snaps
  20. ‘ain’t’s, ‘bless your heart’s, and ‘y’all’s
  21. adorable babies who giggle and squawk
  22. a new member in our family
  23. college football games (go dawgs!)
  24. books to add to my ‘to read’ list
  25. a cat who wakes me up in the morning
What are you smiling about today, this rainy day in October? I challenge you to at least stop for a moment and think of just a few things that bring joy to your life, no matter how small. Cause somedays it can feel like you’ve an eternal to-do list, can’t it? And no matter what you finish more just keeps coming? Well, let’s slow. Because today everything that needs to be done will be done but not everything that needs to be enjoyed will wait before drifting into yesterday.
Listening to: Spotify’s pop radio
Reading: Robinson Crusoe (I know I’m reading really slowly!) and The Whistling Season
Learning: how to crochet again! 🙂 so much fun.