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Out of Focus


First off, I’m deeply sorry and apologetic for not writing before now. I’m a cruel and lazy blogger, but I’m working on it.

On a cheerier note, I got a camera! A beautiful lovely Sony Cibershot DSC-HX9V, and y’all, I love it. It takes such marvelous macro photos, and it actually takes pictures of people! Would you like to see for yourself? Well, I’ll kindly oblige ya.

One of the first pictures I took with the dear. Oh, and you’d like another one? Well that can be arranged:

He has this nifty ability to take two pictures simultaneously, then join the crisp center focus of the first with the blur of the second, making it look like a DSLR photo. Pretty genius, eh?

Oh, everything’s so nice and wonderful here. The stockings are hung, the lights are draped about the windows and doors, and the oranges are crudely pricked with cloves. (It’s surprisingly hard to make a straight line with cloves on an orange, okay?)

But anyways, I’m happy. The golden glow of christmas lights. The shawl around my shoulders. The wreath on the door. The kitten curled up on my bed. The flickering candle. The jolly stuffed santa on the hearth. How I love this season! This is what I think magic is. Something mysterious in the air that changes the way we feel, act, and think.

The world’s beautiful tonight, isn’t it?

One last picture for you. The focus is terribly off, because I jerked my hand due to a nosy horse the moment I took the picture, but there’s still something magical about it to me.

Maybe it’s just me, in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s just me, but sometimes I think the out of focused ones are the most beautiful. The out of focused days, the out of focused books, the out of focused dreams, the out of focused laughs, the out of focused tears, and the out of focused lives. The ones that are entirely unpractical, unnecessary, unconventional, and unwarranted. They are the ones that shine. The ones that no one quite understands. The ones that don’t even understand themselves. The ones that write for the sake of writing, dream for the sake of dreams, laugh for the sake of laughter, cry for the sake of tears, and live for the sake of life.

Make ready the preparations! Bake those cookies, hang those stockings, wrap those presents, sing those carols, and smile those cooped up smiles!

May you have an out of focus Christmas season, my dear friends. May you forget all the stress and the conflict and the clutter and just celebrate. Celebrate for the sake of celebrating, because that’s what it’s all about.

Listening to: Christmas music of course! Check out the Christmas genre station on Pandora; their music’s really nice.

Reading: the First Ladies. I finally finally finished Robinson Crusoe!

Learning: the provinces of Canada.