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My Bookmark Bar


Grüße all!

Why, it’s cold down here! Seriously, I’m currently wearing socks, a long sleeve shirt, leggings, pajama pants, and oh, a fleece jacket. Oh hush… yes, it’s only 67˚ F, but us Southerners take what we can get, right?

I have a request for all my fellow crocheters out there. Do you have any favorite patterns? I just finished a pair of ridiculous slippers and am itching for a new project. Any recommendations? Ideas? Thoughts?

Over the past couple weeks, so many people have asked me to do a post of my favorite blogs and websites. I wasn’t wild about the idea at first, just because I can’t imagine people being interested. However, I realized that some of these sites are real gems and deserve to be shared with the world. And thus I introduce, my bookmarks bar!

BBC News (home page): My primary news source. Everyone in my family is a strict New York Times reader, so when I started reading BBC News I felt a tiny bit rebellious. I love the more global approach that BBC News has; I feel like I can get a more geographically unbiased selection of news. Not to say I don’t like the New York Times, I just like BBC News for my everyday news.

Grooveshark: There are so many websites like this today!  The concept it is a website that can play music for free and legally. Grooveshark’s one step up from Pandora, because you can actually select the music you’d like, but both have their merits and downfalls.

Facebook: Need I say more?

Geography Games: a great website with a bunch of games for learning geography! What can get better?

Netflix: For watching movies in bed when I can’t sleep. 🙂

Pinterest: The picture form of delicious! Still don’t know what I’m taking about? It’s a place to bookmark images you happen upon around the web. Way too much fun!

Sparklife: Hilarity embodied in website form. I’m kind of addicted. Just slightly. Ever so slightly. Okay, a lot slightly.

Sundrops and Rainshine: Hehe… you already know about this one!

Giogo Girls: Ever wonder what fashion experts say about the recent trends? Like feathers and stiletto nails? Look no further! These two lovely ladies tell you what’s in and what’s out.

Beauty Department: Useful tips for DIY accessories, vintage hair styles, and magazine make-up looks. Gorgeous photos, not to mention.

Tidbits from the Tremaynes: Just read it. Inspirational and laugh-inducing at the same time!

Got any websites I need to add to the bar? Let me know, and I’ll check them out!

Listening to: Andrew Bird – Imitosis

Reading: The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig

Learning: ancient cities and the modern day equivalents for the Junior Classical League