Fleeting Moments


An excerpt from my journal:

Birdsong Nature Center: October 22nd, 2011: Autumn’s here. I listen to the wind in the palm leaves and smell the tea olive and feel the goosebumps. I’m in love with these tall pine trees, graceful yet mighty. I’m in love with the old barn, rotting its way to perfection. I’m in love with this small caterpillar, exploring all this mess with his passionate slowness.

Why do I forget all this when things go wrong? Why do I forget the puddles of sunlight and beams of shadow? The chickadee’s merry chirp? The lacy veils of Spanish moss adorning the oaks? The flutter of wings and the buzz of this bee and the crinkle of moss and the coldness of metal?

I wish I could bottle this moment. Open it in years to come and smell and see and think and feel and all that I’m smelling and seeing and thinking and feeling now. How can I possibly savor every moment enough?

My heart’s full and the sun’s setting slow. The moment’s fading. Reach back and grasp blindly for it once more? No. Reach ahead and drink the next moment, fully and joyfully.

Pictures from Birdsong:

Listening to: Selena Gomez: Who Says? I really love the message of this song. It’s a good reminder for me to question who determines whom I can be or am.

Reading: The First Ladies by Margaret Truman

Learning: about the Kennedy’s! I just finished an amazing miniseries on them (It’s on Netflix View Instant and I highly recommend it) so I know I’m doing some research. What a crazy family.



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